CULOYON - Yoshiko Parise

Yoshiko Parise has created Culoyon in 2009. She designs jewels based on nature and animals, to create a bond between Life and the Body. She wants to dress and embellish women with her creations, as well as create true storytelling through fine jewelleries. Yoshiko answers to our questions.

Who are you?

Yoshiko PARISE, "Wildlife and Nature" jewelery designer.


How did you start in fashion?

Ever since I've been working in a jewelery workshop in Japan, I've always wanted to work in fashion and jewelery.
First, I've been a buyer in Japan and in France. Then I've worked at BJO where I acquired all the handcraft skills I'm using today.


How would you define your style?

My style can been described as "wildlife inspired and wonderful".
I use precious materials because I want to design wildlife creations – both animal and vegetal, that are poetic, unique, fun, and that make people who wear them more unique too.


What inspires you?

My main source of inspiration is Nature... and its marvels! I like to draw a link between Life (Animals, insects, plants) and the Body. I try to match them together so that their mixed beauties inspire new stories.

A few words about this collection...

This particular collection is very important to my eyes, because it is the true birth of my style and my universe as a jewelery designer.
It includes funny pieces (mask of), animated pieces ("Hunter", "Nonos ring"), with animals I like, and ideas/skills I'm pretty proud of.


What's your favorite piece in our selection?

The Mask of Cat and Mask of Rabbit rings.


What are you most proud of?

The Hunter ring, I love it


Where do you manufacture your products?

I make all my creations in France, in my workshop near Paris.


Where can we find your collection?

In several multibrand shops in Paris, but also in Japan, UK, USA, Spain, Dubaï. Check my website for the retailer list.

If your brand was a music, a movie, a cocktail...

Culoyon in Wonderland... ; )